Imagining, creating and planning our own wedding… a road toward a Wedding Day full of illusion and emotion. Yet sometimes, it can be quite the opposite with so much to bear in mind.
At Boheme Sensations, we know everything there is to know to plan a wedding. This is why we know that it isn’t all a bed of roses. Because of this, we have decided to help you out with our Agenda, el manual definitivo para la organización de bodas.  Planner, the ultimate wedding planning manual.
Una guía que os hará más dulce, si cabe, el camino al día en el que se celebra vuestro amor.  It’s a guide that will make the path to thatlovecelebration day that much sweeter.

Everything is important at a wedding: the venue, even the rice that we throw. There’s no room for improvisation as we know it must be a perfect day. In this Planner, you’ll find a step by step guide to everything you need so nothing is left to chance: the bridal dress, the wedding venue, the wedding rings, the photographer, all the paperwork and …so much more!
Because true feelings must be the driving force that defines every detail in your wedding.

“We create everlasting moments”